Exclusive stretch fabric ceilings for painting

DBA «ECO-potolok» (“ECO-ceiling”)

Design and installation in Kiev Ukraine

This is a high-tech product during the production of which a specially designed synthetic fabric is attached around the perimeter of the room and is stretched to a “drum” state.

Then the fabric is painted by specially designed abrasion-resistant water-based paint. At the end the perimeter of the room is decorated by the fillet (ceiling plinth).

As the result you get classic, ideally flat painted ceiling that is visually indistinguishable from the one made of gypsum plasterboard or plastered.

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What is ECO-ceiling?

Mostly the question – what kind of ceiling to install in our accommodations – can easily lead to a dead end, since the demanding consumer cannot always be satisfied with the assortment on the market and price offers.

Our company specializes in the production and installation of a new high-tech product for your home – stretch fabric ceiling for painting.

The ceilings produced by the DBA “ECO-potolok” (“ECO-ceiling”) consists of a specially designed, synthetic fabric that is attached around the perimeter of the room to the mounting rail and painted with water-based paint.

During installation, the fabric is stretched to the condition of a smooth surface. You can be calm – no sagging will bother you – the material is high-tech and stretches to a “drum” state.

The ceiling is painted with a specially designed, abrasion-resistant water-based paint.

Our company has already established itself in the ceilings market as a reliable partner for many people who were wondering what ceiling they should choose for home, office, apartment, and we know for sure that each of our clients was satisfied with the result and provided himself with comfort and homeliness for many years .

That is why we invite you to a small video excursion into the world of ceiling structures.

Only we have the patented technology of stretch fabric ceiling for painting DBA “ECO-potolok” (“ECO-ceiling”). Environmentally friendly, fireproof material that does not emit phenol and other substances harmful to health. It is approved for installation in home accommodations, in educational and administrative buildings.
High-quality installation of the ceiling up to 40 square meters per 1 day.
The official warranty is 10 years.
We work officially, sign a contract, issue a guarantee certificate.
Additional services – installation of lighting devices, hoods, electrical wiring.
Any design ideas, a huge number of colors. Designer consultation. Art painting of ceilings (including airbrushing).

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Stretch fabric ceiling from DBA "ECO-potolok" ("ECO-ceiling")

has a number of advantages as compared with other kinds of ceiling decorating


The official guarantee for stretch fabric ceiling from DBA “ECO-potolok” (“ECO-ceiling”) is 10 years. In fact, it will serve unchanged much longer, without requiring special care and investment.

Color, shape, texture – all of them are maintained throughout the life of the ceiling from DBA “ECO-potolok” (“ECO-ceiling”).

Any design ideas

Can be implemented with stretch fabric ceiling from DBA “ECO-potolok” (“ECO-ceiling”). Perfectly even ceiling and deep matte color, combined with a variety of shapes and, if necessary, colors, will give your interior an unforgettable look.

Quick installation

It is possible to install the ceiling from DBA “ECO-potolok” (“ECO-ceiling”) in 1 day with an area of ​​up to 40 square meters. In this case, special preparation of the accommodation is not required. It is enough to provide installers with access to the walls.

Fast and clean work

After installing the ceiling from DBA “ECO-potolok” (“ECO-ceiling”) you will not see any construction waste, dirt, or any foreign smell, what will pleasantly surprise you. This fact is ensured by installation technology, as well as the use of environmentally friendly materials and paints.

Easy cleaning

Stretch fabric ceilings from DBA “ECO-potolok” (“ECO-ceiling”) are easy to clean and do not require complicated maintenance. They do not form condensation, they are vapor permeable, what means that you can forget about the fungus in wet rooms. Their installation in bathrooms and kitchens is the most rational solution.


There are no seams in the stretch fabric ceiling from DBA “ECO-potolok” (“ECO-ceiling”) of any size and configuration. In practice, there were established flows of ceiling with an area of ​​about 240 square meters, and the sag was not noticeable to the eyes.

Color and style

A huge number of colors, shades, drawings, for the perfect match of stretch fabric ceiling from DBA “ECO-potolok” (“ECO-ceiling”) with style and interior theme. What you need, is just to choose a paint color from the color palette. We will do the rest.

Low cost

What concerns the price, stretch fabric ceiling from DBA “ECO-potolok” (“ECO-ceiling”) successfully competes with other types of ceilings. After installation, it does not require periodic repairs and restorations. Given the long service life, this is the best saving for money, effort and time.

Hidden wiring

Stretch fabric ceilings from DBA “ECO-potolok” (“ECO-ceiling”) are installed 2.5 cm or more below the main ceiling, which allows you to hide electrical wiring, ventilation systems, as well as use heat and soundproof materials.

Environmental friendliness

Fire safety and environmental friendliness of the ceiling from DBA “ECO-potolok” (“ECO-ceiling “) are confirmed by certificates. Fabric stretch ceiling from DBA “ECO-potolok” (“ECO-ceiling”)does not burn or support combustion.

Easy update

Care for the stretch fabric ceiling from DBA “ECO-potolok” (“ECO-ceiling”) is practically not required. The ceiling has antistatic properties and does not attract dust, and care when needed consists in lightly wiping with a damp cloth using a non-aggressive detergent. Such a procedure may be needed once every few years. Another huge plus of ceilings from DBA “ECO-potolok” (“ECO-ceiling”) is that they can be repainted up to 10 times without loss of quality of tension.

All ceilings have disadvantages

Let’s see if there are any drawbacks in the stretch fabric ceiling from DBA “ECO-potolok” (“ECO-ceiling“).

Temperature mode

The stretch fabric ceiling from DBA “ECO-potolok” (“ECO-ceiling”) feels great in rooms with a temperature range from 0 to 60ºС. At low temperatures, the paint on the ceiling can lose elasticity, but if you do not apply mechanical stress to our ceiling, nothing will happen.


The fabric stretch ceiling from DBA “ECO-potolok” (“ECO-ceiling”), like any fabric, is afraid of piercing and cutting objects, but when damaged, the fabric does not crawl, so you can cut out technological holes in it, hammer nails and twist screws.

In this case, stupid objects do not pose a threat. So, a shot cork from champagne bounces without causing him any damage.


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